"Liquid Gold" - Kristy's Top 5 Maple Favorites

May 6, 2015

The Adirondack Coast has one of the sweetest spring treats around, something we like to call “liquid gold”- yup, that’s right, its maple syrup! I recently visited a local sugarhouse while they were boiling sap and as the steam bellowed out of the chimney I started to think that I have way too many maple favorites to count!  Then I started to think…well what are my top 5 favorites…can I even narrow it down!?  I mean there are just too many tasty maple creations and I can’t imagine the Adirondack Coast without them, but I finally managed to narrow it down to my top 5 and here they are: 5.  Maple Cotton CandyYes, that is what I said…MAPLE COTTON CANDY!  This is a childhood favorite of mine revved up with immense flavors and that light golden color from the maple.  Several local maple farms offer this product, but Parker’s Family Maple Farm was the first to introduce me to this treat and it is something I must have every spring! 4.  Maple SodaI was introduced to this sugary concoction by my friends at Homestead Maple and you would not believe how easy it is to make!  

  • 1 bottle of plain seltzer + a smidge of pure Adirondack Coast maple syrup = cream soda, but better!

3.  Maple CandyIf you have never had a single piece of maple candy, I want you to stop reading this right now and go get yourself some!  It is the perfect bite size treat to get that sugar rush going.  They have a sugary texture, are surprisingly addictive and come in all sorts of fun shapes!  The maple leaf is most common. 2.  Maple CrèmesAs I have mentioned before in some of my blogs, the Adirondack Coast has several roadside soft serve ice cream stands and in the summer months, I frequent these establishments way more than I should.  BUT if you tried the maple ice cream that some of these stands serve, you would understand my obsession…it really is a must try! 1.  Maple Cream - AKA Maple ButterJust the word butter says enough for me.  Besides its velvety texture and smooth taste, it makes everything you put it on just a bit better.  But then when you add maple to an already outstanding product, you get something out of this world.  On warm toast or vanilla ice cream, maple butter would make even shoe leather taste delicious (Between you and me, I have been known to eat it by the spoon full). Cooking with maple syrup is never a bad idea either.  It is actually a great substitute for white cane sugar and has become a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.  I say healthy, but then leave you with one of my favorite maple cheesecake recipes...haha…enjoy!

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Kristy Kennedy

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