The Michigan

You can’t visit the Adirondack Coast without trying a local favorite: the Michigan. Also known as a “red hot”, this steamed hot dog is served in a steamed bun, smothered with meat sauce and topped with mustard and onions.

The History of the Michigan

There are almost as many varieties of Michigan sauce as there are stories about its origin.  One theory is that the original Michigan sauce was created by George Todoroff in Jackson, Michigan. In 1914, Mr. Todoroff took his recipe to Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York and opened his first restaurant.

This story claims that a Canadian, possibly a salesman, traveling between Montreal and New York City, would stop in Plattsburgh and spend the night at the Witherill Hotel. Apparently, he would bring back several of Todoroff’s “Jackson Island Conies” and get the cook at the hotel to warm them. The cook liked the flavor so much that he created a similar sauce that caught on with the local restaurants, and the "Michigan" hot dog was born.

Looking for the perfect photo op? Check out our Hungry for History sign, commemorating the Michigan's long history and impact. Click here to find out the location and learn more.

Though there are many restaurants serving Michigans, most local residents can't agree who is top dog. So judge for yourself.

July is Michigan Month

July is Michigan Month in the Town of Plattsburgh. To celebrate this landmark hot dog, the Town of Plattsburgh does an annual Michigan Passport that can be used at all four Michigan restaurants in the area: Gus’ Red Hots, Ronnie’s Michigan Stand, Clare & Carl’s, and McSweeney’s Red Hots. To get your passport, stop by the Town Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, or any of the participating restaurants between 6/30 and7/31.

The first 25 passport holders to complete and return their passport to Town Hall will receive a free Michigan t-shirt. All participants who return their fully completed passport will receive a Michigan bumper sticker. Deadline to return your passport is August 6th. Click here for all the details.

McSweeney's Red Hots on Route 9S

(518) 562-9219

Ronnie's Michigans

(518) 561-3879
A Division of the North Country Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 310 |  7061 Route 9 | Plattsburgh, NY 12901 USA