Sound of 1776 Living History

August 6, 2022

Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga, NY

FortTiconderoga invites you to experience the sights and sounds of the AmericanArmy at Ticonderoga during the Sound of 1776 Living History Event August 6-7.From historic trades and weapons demonstrations to living history vignettes andmusic performances, discover how the beats of drums and the sounds of fifestranslated orders to nearly 10,000 soldiers that lived and fought for libertyat Ticonderoga.

Inaddition to a full line-up of activities throughout the day including guidedtours and demonstrations, listen to a dramatic reading of the Declaration ofIndependence near the same day it was actually read to the troops here in 1776.Witness the first time soldiers at Ticonderoga heard the immortal words ofindependence and discover what this meant for soldiers on the front lines ofthe Northern Continental Army in 1776.

“Visitorswill step into the iconic fort during this special event and witness ournation’s fight for freedom in the year 1776,” said Beth L. Hill, FortTiconderoga President and CEO. “March along with our fifes and drums anddiscover the importance of music in coordinating the daily orders for theAmerican troops. Enjoy patriotic concerts and savor the beauty of one of theworld’s most historic and beautiful places.”

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