Online Recipes for Success | French Crepes & Cafe Salad

December 8, 2021

6pm - 8pm

Online (Zoom Platform)

In this Recipes For Success class we offer a couple classic French dishes which are technique rich yet require little active cooking time.   These recipes  will make a deliciously simple supper or weekend lunch or brunch.

Cafe Salad
winter greens, lardon, classic french dressing, crouton, oeuff Sur le plat

French Crepes Jambon et Fromage
eggs, flour, butter, milk, salt, sugar, jambon blanc, gruyere, béchamel

In this class participants will learn how to wash and dress greens, prepare a cream dressing, make lardon and croutons, properly fry and egg and identify fresh eggs, prepare a traditional crepe batter, cook and assemble crepes, make a béchamel sauce, as well as learning how to plate and present the dishes attractively and with confidence.  This is why these are recipes for success!

Space is limited so please sign up early!

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Registrants will receive an email several days in advance of the class with the recipe packet and any relevant information.

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