Keeseville, Au Sable Chasm & Lake Champlain Railroads The Adirondack Mountain Gateway

October 23, 2019


Lake Forest Senior Community Center, 8 Lake Forest Drive, Plattsburgh

The colorful 5.6-mile Keeseville, Au Sable Chasm & Lake Champlain Railroad hauled several U.S. Presidents, was featured in Silent Film Era serials, and moved heavy granite cornerstones for famous landmarks from 1890 to 1924. For a time, nearly 50,000 annual passengers rode its standard-gauge rails over a spectacular 158-foot-high cantilever bridge above Au Sable Chasm. Join us for a memorable journey from Burlington, Vermont's waterfront, across the Lake, to the New York's Au Sable River Valley. Filmmaker and author, James R. "Jim" Jones presents an entertaining and colorful program covering the life and times of Lake Champlain navigation, the "Grand Canyon of the East," Adirondack hotels and industry, two railroads- KAC&LC and Delaware & Hudson, and the region's highway development. Signed, numbered copies of his book and documentary DVD are available at special show prices of $25 and $10 each, cash or check.

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