Adirondack Breathe Easy Salt Cave

692 Bear Swamp Road
Peru, NY

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Adirondack Breathe Easy Salt Cave is a 100% natural, drug free, noninvasive and pleasant treatment using a controlled medium air that simulates the micro-climate of a natural Himalayan salt cave. When the salty air is inhaled, the salt particles travel through the entire respiratory system, purifying and detoxing the lungs and sinuses. So just relax and breathe easy!

Studies show that salt therapy is widely effective for:

- reducing asthma symptoms & flare ups

- reducing coughs & chest congestion

- reducing seasonal allergies

- reducing nasal & sinus polyps

- reducing snoring

- reducing pain & inflammation

- improving lung function in individuals with  COPD

- improving respiratory systems of smokers

- improving skin conditions - like eczema & dermatitis

Wheelchair Accessible
No Pets
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